Car Insurance

Car Insurance for your family

Car Insurance for your family

  • Car insurance is something you need to protect you and your family. Not only is it required by law, but it is also sound financial planning.
  • A complete policy will cover you if an uninsured driver injures you or causes damage to your vehicle. It will also cover your liability if you hurt someone else while driving or damage something resulting from an auto accident.
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What happens if?

What happens if you get a rock chip and need your windshield replaced? What about protection for your car if it is damaged in an auto accident? Comprehensive and Collision coverage protects against these two occurrences and many more. You should compare your car insurance to be sure you are fully covered!

Cheap Vs. Value

Cheap car insurance is probably important to you, but value is too. It is often good to compare car insurance quotes from several carriers to see how your coverage stacks up. You don’t want to be left unprotected for a loss that you thought was covered.


Are you paying too much for car insurance? Are you getting all the discounts possible? A quick car insurance quote from Elwood Benefits can let you know. If you are an experienced driver with little or no claims history and have a clean driving record then you may be able to save money on your car insurance.


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Local Service

What about your insurance agent? Is it some foreign voice on the other end of an 800 number or is it a local agent in the town that you live? Can you meet with your agent and get the one-on-one service like you deserve? Having a relationship with a local agent that you can trust helps make sure your car insurance is sound and complete.