Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

Rcreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

Rcreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

  • On the Olympic Peninsula a great camping getaway is just a short drive away.
  • Load up the kids and dog in the camper, but before you go make sure you have the right RV Insurance.
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Traveling Retirement?

You’ve worked hard all your life and done the right thing by saving for a great retirement. Now you want to enjoy these years with your spouse traveling the country in your RV. But have you given much thought about insurance? Get an RV insurance quote from the same company that handles your car and house insurance.


Are you paying too much for RV insurance? Are you getting all the discounts possible? A quick RV insurance quote from Elwood Benefits can let you know. If you are an experienced driver with little or no claims history and have a clean driving record then you may be able to save money on your RV insurance.

What Type of RV?

Whether you have a motor home, 5th wheel or travel trailer, we have RV insurance coverage for you.


Unlimited Towing

We have a variety of coverage options including high liability limits, uninsured motorist, roadside help and even unlimited towing. Yes, that right. Unlimited towing should you break down along the way. You can enjoy your travels without worrying should something happen.

Licensed Insurance Agents

Let our licensed insurance agents find the best coverage for you and your family so if the unexpected happens on vacation, you know your insurance will be there to take care of you.