Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

  • Did you know there is an insurance policy that will cover all your stuff even if you don’t own a home?

  • Yep! Its called renter’s insurance and for about the cost of a Pizza per month your priceless gear could be covered 
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Your Landlord’s Policy

Have you seen your home insurance rates go up lately even though you haven’t had any claims? This can be very frustrating, especially for someone on a fixed income. Elwood Benefits can give you a competitive homeowner’s insurance quote at no cost to you.

Renting in Retirement

Over the course of a lifetime, you have accumulated several possessions worth value. Can you imagine trying to replace all your clothes, jewelry and furniture? If your apartment is destroyed by fire or theft, a renter’s insurance policy will replace your belongings up to the policy limit.

A Pizza a Month

For about the cost of a pizza per month you can get cheap renters insurance. That makes if very affordable and won’t cut into your budget. It is the first step in achieving financial security as an adult by protecting and insuring the things you have worked hard to buy.


Not only that, but there are additional discount available if you have other policies with us. Look at combining you auto insurance as well to save even more.

Your Stuff

Take a minute and add up the cost to replace everything you own in your apartment or home. Things like your clothes, furniture, TV, computer, ipod, golf clubs and more really start to add up. In fact, the average renter has $30,000worth of belongings. Don’t you think it is about time you got a renter’s insurance quote?