Allstate Veterans Drive


In recognition of Veterans Day this year, our agency is participating in an Allstate Helping Hands in the Community group grant for Veterans! This is specifically benefiting the local VA Hospitals and the USO Northwest.

There are currently 650,000 men, women and children in our region that receive services from USO Northwest annually. The USO Northwest provides support to those who need it the most including military deploying overseas and returning home, military families, wounded vets and their families and families of the fallen.

To help out, Allstate and our agency is hosting a VA Hospital Supply Drive and donating $1,000 to USO Northwest! We also need your help. Starting Monday, our office will be collecting supplies for our local VA Hospital and Veterans that are in desperate need of the following items:

  • New Socks
  • Phone Cards
  • Gently used magazines and paperback books
  • Coffee
  • Wrapped snacks

When: THIS WEEK!  November 6-10, 2017

Where: You can place your items in our donation box in our agency office! We’re open between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

We will be dropping off the donations the following week so we appreciate your support!


Matt Elwood

Matt Elwood grew up in Port Angeles, graduating from the high school before moving south to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. While earning his Business Administration he secured an internship at Northwestern Mutual and started his financial career. After graduating from Pepperdine, Matt built a successful Insurance practice in Los Angeles while earning his investment licenses. After a decade of being away from family, Matt decided to move back to Port Angeles and purchase his mother’s Agency. The Helen Elwood Insurance Agency has been an established Allstate agency in Port Angeles for many years. Matt purchased the business in January 2011 and renamed it Elwood Benefits. Matt is focused on growing the business which leaves him little time for anything else. When he does take a break you’ll find him enjoying his family or out on the golf course.


Allstate Donates $1,000 to Nor'Wester Rotary

Left to Right:  Andy Callis, President of Nor'Wester Rotary, Matt Elwood, owner of Allstate Insurance and Helen Arnold, Nor'Wester Rotarian.

Left to Right:  Andy Callis, President of Nor'Wester Rotary, Matt Elwood, owner of Allstate Insurance and Helen Arnold, Nor'Wester Rotarian.

I would like to recognize my mom, Helen, for her volunteer efforts with Nor’Wester Rotary for nearly 17 years now!

Allstate has also recognized her with a $1,000 Helping Hands in the Community grant from the Allstate Foundation. The Allstate Foundation offers these grants to charitable, social or humanitarian organizations where the Allstate agency owner or employee volunteers.

I submitted the application a while back in honor of Helen’s efforts as a community leader and her community involvement. Allstate recently sent the Rotary Foundation a check for $1,000 to benefit the organization as operating support or program funding.


For some people, being on two wheels is a way of life. Here at Matt Elwood’s Allstate Agency we want you to be able to enjoy your ride and have peace of mind with great motorcycle insurance. 

We offer quality coverage that will be sure to protect you, your family and your motorcycle. We not only offer you liability coverage, but also collision and comprehensive coverage that helps you in case of an at fault accident or in the event of fire, theft or even hitting a deer (which there are plenty of in Port Angeles). 

Allstate has great package options! Our Gold and Silver packages offer Rider Protection (an Allstate Exclusive!), Towing & Labor, Rental Reimbursement and Optional Coverage for Custom Parts. 

Within our Gold Package, we offer New Motorcycle Replacement coverage which would help get you a new bike if by chance your newly purchased motorcycle was totaled. The gold package also offers Trip Interruption Insurance. This coverage reimburses you for your transportation costs (up to $50/day), lodging (up to $100/day) and food expenses (up to $50/day) when you are disabled at least 100 miles away from your home, with a total reimbursement up to $750. 


We offer multi-policy and multi-motorcycle discounts. Our Good Rider discount can save you up to 10% if you have gone without an at-fault accident or major violation in the last 60 months. If you have passed a motorcycle safety driving program in the last 36 months you can qualify for a 5% discount. 

You could save up to an additional 10% off of your premium if you are a member of one of these Motorcycle Organizations: American Motorcycle Association, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Gold Wing Touring or Road Riders Association, Harley Owners Group, Honda Riders Club of America, Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Motorcycle Touring Association.


Have a Smart Phone? Download Allstate’s Good Ride mobile app. You will be able to log your trip, share your ride on Facebook, sync to your Apple Watch, keep track of your maintenance with the maintenance log and even access your Emergency Roadside Assistance. Another great feature with the Good Ride app is that you can plan your ride with everything from a rider checklist to local weather and gas station location.

At Allstate we can advise you about getting personalized coverage for your motorcycle that meets your unique needs. Please call or text us at 360-452-9200 or stop by our office at 707 East Front Street in Port Angeles. 

Clallam County Home Show 2016!

Come see us at the Clallam County Home Show located at the Port Angeles High School Gymnasium on March 12th and 13th from 9:30 am to 4 pm. 

We will be located in booth 202 in the Roughrider Gym!

Our agency is very excited about taking part in this amazing community event. We look forward to meeting new people, engaging with our current customers and answering questions. 

Come by and see us and enter one of our drawings!

Headlight Restoration… What Is It?

Have you ever driven at night and noticed that the headlights of the driver in the opposite lane is making it hard for you to see them?

Cloudy headlights are more than just a cosmetic issue, it can also pose a serious threat to one’s safety. 

Headlights can become cloudy or hazy from age. Today’s headlights are made from a polycarbonate plastic that has a UV protectant on it. But with excess UV exposure and other environmental factors such as rock chips, the UV protectant can deteriorate over time leaving your headlight lens exposed to the elements. When this happens, your lens can become hazy or cloudy reducing the effectiveness of your headlight by up to 80%. 

Want a local solution? Jason, owner of Bondy’s Glass of Port Angeles, offers headlight restoration for a $25 fee. He has also agreed to restore any Allstate Customers headlights when they come in for a Windshield Service, free of charge. 

Please call Jason Bondy at Bondy’s Glass at 360-452-6639 or visit them at 1919 E. First Street in Port Angeles, WA. 

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is provided as a public service with the understanding that Allstate nor Elwood Benefits Inc. makes any warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy or dependability of the information in this blog. Additionally, neither Allstate nor Elwood Benefits Inc. will be held accountable for any commercial providers or their products or services.

Your Insurance Financial Plan

Do you have a financial plan? Many of these plans include a family budget, savings for emergencies, retirement savings, and….insurance! 

There are many important parts to having a strong financial plan. Let’s review!

Protect Your Stuff

This is usually what comes to mind when you think of insurance. Fixing your car after an accident, or replacing your belongings after a loss. When setting up your financial plan, or reviewing it, you want to make sure that your assets are covered. Those would be your cars, home(s), jewelry or artwork, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, etc. Make sure that you have full replacement cost coverage and that your deductible is reasonable. (These details we can explain.)

Protect Your Money

Liability is extremely important, but can be misunderstood. If you were to be in an at-fault accident, your assets and money are at risk! For example, what would happen if you or your teenager were involved in an accident and got sued? What if you didn’t have enough liability insurance? Making sure you have enough coverage can make sure this doesn’t happen! We look at what your assets are (i.e. home, car) and create a plan that best suits you and your needs. 

Protect Your Family

Belongings can be replaced, but how do we make sure your family is protected? The best way to make sure your family is covered is with good life and disability insurance! If something were to happen to you, would your family be able to pay off debt, pay for college and be able to live on their wages? We can craft a plan to make sure that everything that is important to you is covered. 

This may seem like a lot to take in, and we understand. At Matt Elwood’s Allstate Agency we strive to take the stress off of your shoulders. You can trust us to take care of you! Call us at 360-452-9200 to schedule a financial planning review with our agent, Matt!